Hair of the Dog vital to Oil Spill Clean-up

Hair soaks up oil spills Toronto dog owners can do their part to help clean up the massive oil spill that occurred recently along the Gulf Coast. It just so happens that hair/fur collects oil so it is most effective in soaking up the oily stuff. Hair

Pets can lend a paw in BP Whiting oil spill

Pet hair blanket View all 5 photos As you are most likely aware, an unknown volume of oil has been spilled into Lake Michigan from the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana. People around Chicagoland could be greatly affected by this latest news. Not on on

Legal recourse for BP oil-covered animals

Dead dolphin covered in oil There is ample evidence regarding the negative effects of ingesting, inhaling or simply being covered in oil. After the Exxon Valdez disaster (, the National Institute for Occup

Allemands couple Ordres homards, les libère

Comme un enfant, je me souviens avoir vu des parents Prenez soigneusement les homards, les griffes liés avec des bandes de caoutchouc, d'un bac en polystyrène et placez-les dans une casserole d'eau bouillante. Que le couvercle a été placé au-dessus,

Adopted shelter dogs get free baths

Dog Waiting Area People who adopt dogs from a shelter will not only get their dog's first bath free, the owners of Woof and Wash in Mount Kisco will also show the new pet owners how to bathe and groom their adopted dog. Jason Leito, one of the co-own