Yet Another Baby and Puppies Photo Goes Viral

Didn't get enough sweetness with yesterday's boy and puppy nap pic? Well, you're in luck! The World Wide Web of adorable things has given us another precious gift. This simple and sweet photo of a baby snoozing with three French Bulldog pups is a hit

Baby or puppy...who comes first?

Puppy Love We so love our dogs. According to The Humane Society there are 74.8 million owned dogs in the US -- 63% of us own one dog, 25% own two and the rest have opened their homes and hearts to more. We buy them from pet stores and breeders, or we

Help! I've found a baby rabbit!

Rabbit mothers only tend to their babies once or twice daily. In the summer, cottontail rabbits have babies. Though not common in south Florida, Eastern cottontails (Sylvilagus floridanus) do occur in all of mainland Florida, and the marsh rabbit (Sy

Quick, healthy baby food treats for your dog

Many of us can barely find the time to feed ourselves given our busy schedules, much less to make homemade snacks for our pets. When you don't have time for mixing, rolling, and cutting your own dog biscuits, try this quick and easy recipe which uses

Preparing Fido for your new baby (part II)

Kaylee with Midnight Here are some tips for helping your dog adjust when your baby comes home. Bringing Baby Home Bring home a blanket or something that has the baby’s scent on it for your dog to become familiar with. Have someone go to the home in a

Dog that snatched baby to be euthanized

A Great Dane, not the dog from this story Los Angeles, CA - Questions swirl with regards to a bizarre and unexpected incident Monday afternoon. According to reports, a 6 month-old baby girl was snatched from the arms of her mother by the family's dog

Why Are The Baby Dolphins Dying In The Gulf?

A dead baby dolphin on the Gulf shore. View all 2 photos Today marks the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of Florida, including those who live around the Jacksonville beaches/on the eastern seaboard of Florida