Did you adopt a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are also known as a cavy which is latin for pig. March is adopt a guinea pig month! Have you adopted a guinea pig yet? If you answered yes you have already found out that guinea pigs are very cute, and very smart, interactive pets. Guinea

Guinea Pigs: Not Just For Dinner Any More

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Little Girls Love Guinea Pigs

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Pets 101: What is a Texel guinea pig?

Texels are very popular because of their curly hair A Texel is a breed of guinea pig which got its start in England in 1980. It was recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) in 1998. The Texel was originally the result of a cross

Pets 101: What is a Rex guinea pig?

A Rex is similar looking to a Teddy but is genetically distinct. A Rex is a breed of guinea pig. The name conjures up images of a ferocious guinea pig with a huge mouth full of sharp teeth, and front legs that are really really small. Fortunately tha

Caring for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs make wonderful companions. Guinea pigs have generally docile temperaments, rarely bite and make charming squeaking or “wheeking” noises when they catch sight of their favorite people. Guinea pigs can weigh a couple of pounds and usually l

How to clip a Guinea Pig's nails

Guinea Pigs The most necessary part of grooming for almost every animal is nail trimming. When clipping your Guinea Pig’s nails it’s best to start when they are young so they can get used to the idea of having their paws handled. There are several wa

10 Guinea Pigs Seeking A New Life

Tiramisu and Godiva Tiramisu and Godiva are two female piggies that were dropped off at the animal shelter. Tiramisu is the orange and black. Godiva is red. They would need to be adopted as a pair. Kent and Kyle were born on March 3, 2010. Kent has o