Parfait Paws Pet Rescue, Inc.

Nom: Ours Statut: Adoptée Race: Coonhound / Boxer / mixte Sexe: Masculin (castré) Taille actuelle: 8 livres Potentiel Taille: 65 kilos en général Potentiel Taille: Grand Âge actuel: 2 mois 28 jours (meilleure estimation) Voir les 20 photos Parfait Pa

Pups and Purrs Pet Adoption Event

Pups and Purrs is sponsored by PetSmart Charities and co-hosted by Puyallup Animal Rescue and Animal Alliance of WA. View all 2 photos On Sunday September 16, 2012 PetSmart Charities will sponsor a pet adoption event

Weekend pet adoption events

Crystal is awaiting her new home - will you be her new family? Animal Rescue Foundation, Illinois (ARF-IL) will be hosting a pet adoption event this Saturday, November 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at PetSmart. PetSmart is located at 63 Rice Lake

ARF-IL calendars and holiday pet adoption

Pet adoption is a serious issue; pets are not simply gifts or calendar models. Animal Rescue Foundation, Illinois has received their 2013 calendars – just in time for you to be able to purchase them as gifts for Christmas. This year an amazing 95 pho

Pet Adoption: Tips for adopting a cat

Holly, our Ragdoll, is on the left. Milly, our Calico is on the right. Providing a good home can add to your cat's comfort and general well-being View all 6 photos Happy Holly in her new home-photo by Mary McGrath It’s springtime, and what better tim

Personal Pet Adoption story

Adopted pets are waiting for that forever home with you. My own experience with humane societies, whenever I have dealt with them, has been a very positive experience. Eugene, Oregon Greenhill Animal Humane society stands in a class by themselves cre

Everyone can persevere toward pet adoption

Pet Adoption includes us all! Just an opening statement to say that I am not insinuating we all go out and adopt a pet to curb the terrible problem of homeless pets. Pet adoption needs to be thought through since it is a lifetime commitment. My own s

Pet Adoption League of North Jersey

Natasha and Jennifer There’s an old song, “how much is that doggie in the window?” In the case of the Pet Adoption League’s available cats, that might become,” how do I adopt that kitty in the window?” In an windowed area dedicated to them at PetSmar

Les voleurs ciblent Halfway Home Pet Adoptions

(K. mur / Les autorités locales enquêtent sur ​​un vol à la moitié du chemin pour animaux Adoptions de KCMO qui a eu lieu quelque temps dimanche soir ou lundi matin. L'abri à 4400 Raytown chemin dit des membres du personnel sont arrivés