SureFit pet covers help bring the pets for holiday trips

Going on a trip for the holidays and not sure what to do with your beloved fur-baby. You don’t trust anyone to come to your home for a pet sitter or just not sure how it would work out. You have been to every pet hotel from here to Tim-buck-too and still nothing just says “Hey board your fur-baby here”. The only alternative is to bring him or her with you, but the family you’re going to see does not have pets. They don’t like the hair everywhere even though they may not say it but they show it by breaking out the vacuum every five minutes or the dust buster on the sofa every other minute. There are solutions and there are other alternatives for you to make everyone happy for the holidays or any out of town visit.

The SureFit Company creates slipcovers and home solutions that are great for anyone with pets. The have “Pet Throws” for a sofa, loveseat, and chair. This way when you get to your destination, you can simply take out your throw and place it on their sofa or loveseat and even their chair. This way you can simply take them off and clean them as needed. Some are 100% Duck cotton and come in three colors: Black, Linen and Claret. Others are made of Soft Suede and come in two colors: Chocolate and Taupe. They are machine washable on the gentle cycle and you can tumble dry them. Easy-Peasy-Pie for the holidays.

Now you’re leaving on your trip and you are driving but you know hair gets everywhere and you always have to pay for your vehicle to get detailed afterwards. With the SureFit Auto Friends cargo mat, seat cover or hammock, your pets hair will be a “sure bet” to stay in one place. The cargo mat is for when you put the back seats down to give your fur-baby the run of the back. The seat covers come in two sizes: single seat or double seat. This way you can accommodate the front seats, captains’ chairs or the back row seats in large SUV’s. The hammock basically covers every inch of the back seat and back up to the back of the front seat creating a hammock effect. This way your pet is protected from falling down into the foot area but his hair and anything else is contained as well. They offer these for your auto in three colors: chocolate, grey and taupe.

Now, back at your family or friends’ home for the holidays and your pet is use to having his own bed but the bed is just not travel savvy. That’s ok too; with SureFit they have found a way to help you there too. They now have the traveling pet bed. It is steel in color and is 44”l x 34”w x 5” h which will accommodate a dog up to 90 pounds. The great thing about this pet bed is it folds up and zips up with a handle for easy carrying. It has a micro-suede top that is quilted for extra comfort for your dog. It also has a water repellent fabric on the bottom with a pocket for small items on the outside.

Could it get any better for your pet or you? You now have ways to control pet hair and pet messes within your vehicle, in your home, someone else’s home while traveling, and even their own portable pet bed. The greatest point SureFit is trying to make with all these wonderful products, is they want more people to be able to bring their fur-babies with them on trips and such. This way it is not an inconvenience to anyone anymore. The new catch phrase is going to be BYOP = Bring Your Own Pet.

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