Stray cats victims of cruelty in Montreal

Stray cats victims of cruelty in Montreal
Jean Marc MOrency finds it strange that the cats are disappearing

While searching for her cat Garfield who disappeared a few months ago, Chantal found out that many people had to live through the same ordeal. Lots of lost posters appeared in her neighborhood and posting on different websites led her to believe that it was no coincidence.

She alerted the media and a journalist went in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a Montreal borrough, to investigate. A guy who feeds strays in an alley actually noticed also that his cats are disappearing: three in one week. There is a real problem there.

Everyone suspects an individual who hates cats to pick them up and bring them to that godforsaken pound we have in Montreal where they disappear in the system. But there is also the matter of the two cats that were found mutilated in the bushes in one park of the same area. We now know that Maniotta before killing and dismembering a person, had killed kittens and videotaped himself to put it on Youtube. The police knew about it. And we also know that an individual who kills and tortures animals will later do the same thing to humans. So, what are we waiting for ?

Police does not care about cats and do not investigate. I remember, 15 years ago, I had the same complaint from someone, in Rosemont, where house cats were disappearing. Dead cats were found regularly in an alley in a box. After investigating and asking questions, I found that a depanneur had a rat problem in his basement and was throwing cats in there; can you believe what would happen to declawed house cats with a rat infestation ? So I solved the problem by denouncing him as a case of salubrity to the authorities. It was taken care of more quickly than by the police.

In the case denounced last week, I also blame that pound for not helping by keeping strays for the required 5 days as per their contract with the city. So if the culprit brings a cat there to be killed, at least the owner looking for his cat would have a chance to find it. For 35 years I denounced that pound for bad service and cruelty but nobody listens and elected officials still give that guy pound contracts.

As long as the police will have their fingers in their noses, nothing will be done for the strays: oh, it is just a cat, we have more pressing things to do" they answer regularly when we complain.

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