Starved shepherds find refuge - slideshow

Starved shepherds find refuge - slideshow
Surrounded by love

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Proctor, AR - Refuge...defined as "protection or shelter. A source of help, relief or comfort in times of trouble".

Starved shepherds find refuge - slideshow
Neglected shepherd updateJ. Wolf/Rocky Ridge Refuge

Three German shepherds, rescued from a neglectful owner this past August, have found exactly that at the Rocky Ridge Refuge.

You may recall their photos.

At the time that the dogs were seized from their owners, they were emaciated, missing fur, and suffering from a wide array of maladies.

At that time, officials had indicated that the dogs may be "aggressive".

See for yourself how these dogs are today.

See how they are thriving under the loving hand of Janice Wolf at Rocky Ridge Refuge.

Treated with kindness and respect - the dogs give kindness and respect to those around them - even the smallest of creatures.

The dogs, Honor, Noble and Truth, are soaking up love and good care under Wolf's compassionate touch.

In her home, love rules.

Be well - and thank you, as always, Janice Wolf - you are simply, without a doubt, amazing.

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