Springtime allergies: dogs have them, too.

Springtime allergies: dogs have them, too.
Allergies can make dogs itchy!

Have you noticed your dog rubbing his muzzle and/or eyes? Or licking his paws? Sneezing? I asked Dr. Douglas Aspros of Bond Animal Hospital to find out what is going on and what can be done to make dogs more comfortable. His response explained the behaviors I've been seeing in my clients' dogs and in my own!

"Spring is a great season for small dogs in New York. Finally, no ice and snow, salt on your feet and shivering in the wind. Instead, flowers and soft, green grass!

But no season comes without challenges and, for spring, it’s all about allergies. As you know, those pretty flowers and flowering trees bring pollen, and with them, the most common skin problems of dogs. Itchy feet, itchy skin, and even most ear problems can be attributed to these potent allergens.

Owners can limit their dog’s exposure by wiping their feet after walking them outdoors, and keeping them indoors during periods of especially high pollen counts. Special shampoos can also help limit the intensity of your dog’s reaction to these allergens. If the allergic reaction is especially severe or lasts longer than a few weeks you should seek veterinary advice about more intensive treatments."


To find out why your dog is itchy and what to do about it, contact your veterinarian.

Many thanks to Douglas G. Aspros, DVM, director of the Bond Animal Hospital, an AAHA-certified practice in White Plains, where the doctors and staff are dedicated to providing expert and compassionate care for all the animal members of your family. HIs contribution to this article is much appreciated.