Spokane cats are enjoying kitty massages

Spokane cats are enjoying kitty massages
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Spokane cat lovers are pampering their cats with simple massages. Massages create bonding, trust and an even closer friendship with your feline and who doesn’t want that?

To begin, merely rest your hands gently on the cat. This basic touch is truly calming for the feline and genuinely promotes trust.

Center on the cat's “pet” zones to get her/him in the mood for the session. Common starting points are on the nape of the neck, behind the ears, under the chin, or across the back, all depending on what your cat best gets pleasure from.

Employ effleurage, the placid stroking motion of massage. Tenderly press your palms and fingers over the cat to warm the tissues and persuade blood flow, moving your way from the back, to the shoulders, next both sides and finally the chest.

Work very gently by rubbing your fingers and thumb into the tissue in a globular motion. Rub down the cat's body parts in the same succession as you did in the gentle stroking.

Knead the stomach gently if she/he is fond of it. Not all cats like this, however, and some may take the occasion to scratch your hands.

Manipulate each leg while the cat lays on her/his side or back. Calmly flex each paw and stroke the paw pads.

In a circular motion, gently stroke under the cat’s chin.

Take notice of hypersensitive, sore to the touch or swollen areas on your cat as you execute the massage. Look for soft, hard or warm areas on the body as well. All of these could be signs of trauma or illness or, and you should check with a veterinarian as soon as possible...

(If your cat happens to fall asleep during the massage, you've performed it perfectly and produced supreme relaxation.)

Finish the massage with soft stroking of the cat's entire body and enjoy the sound of purring.

In time, your cat will look forward to these sessions as much as you do.

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