Special mask used to resuscitate three cats rescued from fire

Special mask used to resuscitate three cats rescued from fire

Donated oxygen masks like the one shown in this photo were used to resuscitate three cats injured in a house fire.

Three cats were rescued from a burning home in Columbia, SC on Monday, according to an article published today on the WYFF Channel 4 website. The cats, along with a number of other pets, were home alone when the fire broke out. The three cats were the only ones that the firefighters were able to rescue.

The cats were rushed to Well Pets After Hours Urgent Care in Columbia. One of the cats was too severely injured and was euthanized. The other two cats are being treated for their injuries

Both of the surviving cats will be placed up for adoption once they have fully recovered.

A special oxygen mask designed for resuscitating pets that had been donated to the Columbia Fire Department was used in the CPR.

Because of the small size of most pets, these special masks are essential when trying to resuscitate injured pets that need oxygen. The Columbia Fire Department received two mask kits through in March 2013 through "Wag’N O2 Fur Life", according to an archived article at the Pet Oxygen Mask blog.

Unfortunately not all fire departments are able to afford the $75 cost to purchase these masks, which are life saving for pets injured in house fires. If your fire department does not have these masks, donations of the kits can be coordinated and arranged through the "Wag’N O2 Fur Life" program or through Project Breathe.