Speaker chat on Imagine That Radio regarding horse slaughter in the US

Speaker chat on Imagine That Radio regarding horse slaughter in the US

Speaker chat on Imagine That Radio regarding horse slaughter in the US

On Tuesday, May 14, 2913, I tuned into “Imagine That Radio” for a structured chat on the specific subject of horse slaughter in the United States.

A number of well-informed speakers participated during the show including Jo-Claire Corcoran who is a board member of the Equine Welfare Alliance and Cindy Gendron of Homes for Horses Coalition.

Other speakers included a veterinarian and knowledgeable representatives of the horse industry.

The primary question was the theme of horse slaughter in the United States. The writer has kept keenly informed on this subject and found the discussion both informative and meaningful. The time spent on this chat was worthwhile.

The horse slaughter subject was tackled in some depth. Discussed was the Roswell plant, ultimate plans for horse slaughter, safety of horse meat, Pfizer’s lobbyist and plans for horses, Sue Wallis and her involvement in the slaughter issue, a complication for the Oklahoma horse slaughter plant, etc.

As those of us informed about horse slaughter already know, supporters of horse slaughter have publicized many arguments that support their position. They are not a huge group; they are actually a small minority. Yet they have found an organized voice that screams loudly and, with money in the mix, are heard easily and by certain people of influence. But look at the facts and you’ll see the truth.

The slaughter of horses for meat is not only unneccessary and inhumane but it is also harmful. Once you learn the truth about horse slaughter, you'll understand why you should work to ban the cruelty of horse slaughter in the United States.

For the first time, the writer really understands the danger of bute and the specific reasons for the danger. Statistics show the number of drugs and medications that our horses have in their systems. Most importantly, it is next to impossible to humanely kill a horse in a slaughterhouse. There are reasons why slaughterhouse workers in a horse plant are involved with one of the most dangerous jobs. The turnover for workers at a horse slaughter plant is statistically enormous, nearly 100% in relatively short time. The original workforce is usually trained well and then, with rapid turnover, the replacing crews are less skilled, vastly more inhumane, until finally the horse being killed becomes a hated job tool to be brutalized out of anger. We all know instances of brutality beyond comprehension exist in horse slaughter plants.

Because the program was an in-depth presentation of knowledgeable speakers, it was decided to hold a continuation tomorrow at noon. In addition, a wild horse program is being scheduled for sometime next week – at this writing, the exact date is not known.

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