Southeast German Shepherd Rescue brews up fundraiser at Roth Brewery

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue brews up fundraiser at Roth Brewery
Hope, an adoptable dog with Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

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Is there anything better than beer and best friends? It’s doubtful. Which may be why Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR) is holding one of its next fundraisers at Roth Brewery in Raleigh, N.C.

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue brews up fundraiser at Roth Brewery
Southeast German Shepherd Rescue's fundraiser flyer

You and your friendly pooch are welcome to visit Roth Brewery on Saturday, July 28 from 4-7 p.m. for the SGSR fundraiser. Roth Brewery opened its doors in 2010 with Raleigh Red and has since been featured at many local bars. Valentino’s Food Truck and Eminent Smith, a band from Greensboro, will be there providing the grub and entertainment. A $5 entry fee gets you and your pup through the door, and a portion of both the Brewery and Food Truck’s proceeds will go back to benefit SGSR. From the dogs to the brews, the Italian to the music, sounds like a great night out for you and your best furry friend!

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in North Carolina and extending assistance to German Shepherds throughout the Southeast. Since its foundation in 2010, SGSR has helped over 500 dogs, with 236 of those being rescued this year, alone.

SGSR’s mission of Rescue, Rehab and Rehome can be seen in the following dogs, most of which will be or currently are available for adoption:

  • Hope is a three year old girl pulled from Halifax County Animal Control. The shelter staff considered euthanizing her immediately upon arrival because of her horrible condition. Hope had been neglected and tied out her entire life; she was heartworm positive, emaciated, intensely fearful of humans, and her untreated mange caused her to lose most of her hair. But SGSR provided her with the medical treatment, food and love that has transformed her into the beautiful girl she is today. Hope is currently available for adoption.
  • Quincy is a 14 month old boy picked up while wandering around Roanoke Rapids. When found, he was underweight, heartworm positive, had a skin infection, and flies had eaten away part of his ear. Thankfully, Quincy has been given a second chance and is on the way to recovery through SGSR. He will be available for adoption soon.
  • Tasha found herself at a high-kill shelter in Georgia after her family moved away and left her tied to a tree. She was underweight, heartworm positive, and pregnant. To make matters worse, she caught a respiratory infection during her time at the shelter. SGSR pulled Tasha and transported her up to North Carolina, where she started her recovery. But Tasha’s compromised state of health led to complications during delivery and an emergency C-section had to be performed. She was given a 50/50 shot of survival and, due to the lack of adequate care provided during her pregnancy, none of Tasha’s pups survived. But this rescued girl continues to improve little by little, thanks to the love and care provided by SGSR volunteers. For more information and to donate towards Tasha’s veterinary costs, click here. She will be available for adoption soon.
  • Gleason is a SGSR alum adopted by the Kohr family of Wake County. A stray brought into the Durham Animal Protection Society, Gleason appeared to have been chained most of his life and used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. He was emaciated, heartworm positive, and suffered from such severe malnutrition that he couldn’t fully stand up. But today, with the help of SGSR, Gleason is a healthy, happy boy who is enjoying life with the Kohr family and his best friend, Bruno. Read more on Gleason’s story here.

So come by the Roth Brewery Saturday evening for the beer, food, fun, and entertainment; but most of all, come for the dogs that Southeast German Shepherd Rescue helps. Who knows, you may just meet your new best friend there!

Learn more about SGSR here and check out their events list. They hold fundraisers and adoption events in Virginia as well, including their Hog and Dog Wash in Chesapeake. Get the details here.

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