Some annoying habits of the Chihuahua we love so much

Some annoying habits of the Chihuahua we love so much
He wants to play 24/7

Even though we love our little Chihuahua dearly there are some things that happen that seem to stress us out. We want to give them all the love and support they require and take full responsibility for all their care and needs. Yet, sometimes, there are things that just downright annoy us.

· There is nothing we hate worse than when that little guy/gal have those little accidents in the house! After all, they are housebroken, aren’t they? Puppy must have gotten a small lapse of memory.

· Don’t you just love it when you are in a rush out the door, when company is to arrive any minute (or are there), or you are just about to relax . . . or whatever the situation, and your dog all of the sudden vomits . . . and you can’t help in time!

· The pooch wants to go for a much needed walk and it is pouring rain or sleeting snow!

· You go to the store for your dog’s favorite food and they have every kind except the one you need (happens to me all the time!)

· Yea, you finally have a day to sleep in . . . and guess who wants to get up early and play? We have one that wants to play 24/7 . . . and he is the only one so excited in the morning (a morning dog!)

· You want your family to love your dog but all of the sudden it has aggressive tendencies or (like mine) overly loving tendencies when company comes over.

I think most of us agree that the joy, unconditional love, loyalty and attention we get from our Chihuahuas far outweigh any of these little annoyances. I couldn’t imagine life without any of my three little dogs . . . how about you?

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