Search party to find Olivia on Sunday, Dec. 19

Search party to find Olivia on Sunday, Dec. 19
Search Party for Olivia on December 19th at 2PM

A big search party is organizing for this Sunday, December 19th at 2PM to find Olivia, the mastiff who is lost in DC. Search organizers are hoping to get at least 30 people out there to blanket the entire area. We need to bring this poor dog home.

You know how cold it is. Imagine being afraid and lost with no shelter from the frigid nights and cold, windy days. It is too cold for her to be out there any longer.

Can you spare a couple of hours on Sunday? It will be great exercise and you'll be doing a really good deed.

Please spread the word. We need help to bring Olivia home.

When: Sunday, 12/19 noon - about 2 pm
Where: Starting point - parking lot near Ft. McNair and the Coast Guard station, 2nd and V Streets, SW
Who: Everyone is welcome. We need your help!

Olivia has been missing for a month and a half. She is cold, tired and hungry. Let's bring her home. Please help.

Lots of volunteers are needed to hand out and post flyers. Volunteers will work in teams to canvas the local neighborhoods.

Together you can make a difference. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this with others.

If you have questions about the search party, you may email them to [email protected]