San Antonio Zoo director asked to resign

San Antonio Zoo director asked to resign
Lucky is anything but Lucky at San Antonio Zoo

On February 18, 2011, One World Conservation sent a letter to the San Antonio Zoological Society, asking for the resignation of the Zoo's Director, Stephen McCusker (visit for full letter).

For the third straight year, In Defense of Animals ranked the San Antonio Zoo as the worst in the world. That's #1 worst zoo, San Antonio. If you're not embarassed, you should be! I don't even live in San Antonio, and I am.

And it is clear, based on One World Conservation's letter, that the zoo's appalling rating is a direct result of Director McCusker, who is under attack for numerous allegations against the zoo. These include:

  • Multiple premature deaths of animals in the last six months.
  • USDA violations involving the safety and conditions of the zoo's animals.
  • Keeping two elephants, Lucky and Boo, in a space no bigger than a normal-sized backyard.

I have a real problem with zoos. To acquire its animals, zoos capture animals in their natural surroundings, separating them from their families of origin, and put them in cages and other artificial environments so people can basically stare and gawk at them on display. I mean, I love to see animals, too, but not at the expense of their living in confinement where their interests are often held in the lowest regard.

If you agree with One World Conservation that Stephen McCusker needs to resign his position as director of the San Antonio Zoo, please sign the petition at:

The least that zoos can do is provide the utmost in humane standards of care. Mr. McCusker clearly has failed to do this at the San Antonio Zoo, so he needs to leave his position so someone else can step up to the job and give these zoo animals the kindness and respect they deserve.