Resolution central: Getting fit with Fido (Photos)

Resolution central: Getting fit with Fido   (Photos)
The Green Interactive Feeder helps your pet eat slower.

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It’s not uncommon to focus on living a healthier lifestyle when January rolls around. Eating better, more exercise and better choices all head a lot of people’s resolution lists. Unfortunately, too many people give up too early if they fall off track on exercising and dieting choices.

Resolution central: Getting fit with Fido   (Photos)
Start walking more often with your dog, increasing the distance each week.Spring Naturals

One way to do a better job of staying on track is to enlist a partner or work out buddy. And, the good news is that your partner in getting healthy could be your dog. Many pets could use more activity and better diets as well.

Here are some ideas from the folks at Spring Natural’s Fit with Fido 31-Day Challenge to get you and your pooch back on track in the New Year.

Focus on a healthier diet – Many things come into play on this one. Reading the labels for both your food and pet’s food will help you make better choices. Beware of foods that use artificial ingredients, fillers and chemicals and look for more natural options. Check out apps like Petmobi to help you learn proper portion sizes (and exercises) for your pet is also an easy way to cut down on caloric intake. Products like the Green Interactive Feeder helps your pet slow down when eating so they eat less.

Start easy with exercise – One of the reasons we all fall off track early with exercise is we try to do too much at once. Start with short walks – two blocks for each pound your dog weighs – and walk further each week. Also look for indoor alternatives, doggy play areas, doggy day care play dates and other options to keep you both active. MapMyDogWalk is a great app that helps you track your pet work outs.

Make it a game – Exercise is more fun when you make it a game. When stretching, try a tug of war with your dog. Get a neon or lighted ball or saucer for games of fetch in the twilight. Don’t do the same type of exercise all the time so both you and your pet remain interested in the work out. You can also make your pet work a bit more for his or her food by using Nina Ottoson’s treat mazes or Brainy Bones.

Reward yourself – Everyone deserves a treat after a work out. Hit the produce and healthy snack aisle to load up on fruits, veggies, nuts and other healthy options for you. For your dog, look for healthier snacks like Spring Natural’s Whole Grain treats, Lickety Stik and Grill-icious treats.

Cut down on the stress – Set better priorities and focus on what absolutely must get done first. Studies have shown that our pets can reduce our stress. Spending more time with your pet while you both get healthy should help you take it down a notch and relax a little more. It’s also important to get plenty of rest.

Looking for more tips to get Fit with Fido, check out Spring Natural’s 31-Day Challenge to a healthier lifestyle with your pooch on their Facebook page.

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