Rescuers save Great Dane who was abandoned by river

Rescuers save Great Dane who was abandoned by river
Abandoned Great Dane

Schenectady, NY - A gentle giant was discovered along the muddy, cold bank of the Mohawk River.

The dog, a Great Dane now being called "Duke", was not running free - he was tied to a tree - abandoned in the cold.

By the time that officials discovered the abandoned dog on Friday night, he was shivering from the frigid temperature, dehydrated and hungry.

Those who initially found him worry that he might not have made it through the night had his presence gone un-noticed.

Right now, Duke is in the care of the Schenectady County SPCA.

Investigators are working to find out how Duke wound up along the river.

Was he stolen and then abandoned?

Did he belong to an owner who decided to get rid of him?

Duke isn't the type of dog who would be easy to overlook. Investigators are hopeful that someone will phone in a tip that will lead them to Duke's owners.

Anyone with information is asked to phone the SPCA Hotline at 518-755-9517.

In the meantime, Duke is in good hands - happy, warm and well fed at a foster home through the shelter.

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