Rescued German shepherd drags elderly owner away from deadly gas

Rescued German shepherd drags elderly owner away from deadly gas

Heroic German shepherd "Max" before he was adopted

Approximately one year ago, a German shepherd named "Max," was adopted from a rescue agency in northern California, and this week, he returned the favor when he saved his guardian's life, reported Wednesday's CBS San Francisco News.

Max sensed a problem long before his 80-year-old guardian, Jack Farrell, did. In fact, Farrell was sound asleep in his Novato, Calif., home when Max decided to grab his arm and pull him out of bed and down the hall.

Somehow Max was aware that that home was filling with deadly carbon monoxide from a heater which had malfunctioned.

The efforts by the 90-pound dog left Farrell with a bleeding arm and a sense of bewilderment when he finally woke up down the hall; he called 911.

When the authorities arrived, the level of poisonous gas inside of the home had reached a deadly level.

Farrell adopted Max from the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California - the agency is quite proud of their rescued boy and they are letting all of their Facebook fans know just how special Max is, posting:

We are very proud of Max aka Watkins who was rescued by GSRNC from the Hollister shelter in 2012.

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