Rescue in Texas raided and more than 200 dogs seized

Rescue in Texas raided and more than 200 dogs seized

Dogs seized from rescue agency

A self-proclaimed "no-kill" rescue organization in Texas has been raided by officials, and more than 200 dogs were seized, reported Thursday's My Fox DFW News.

The Denton County Sheriff's Department looked into conditions at the property of Animal Guardians of America after allegations of neglect and abuse were reported.

Little information has been released as of yet, but the conditions were said to be "appalling."

On Thursday, The Humane Society of North Texas aided the authorities in the removal of the dogs from the property in Celina, Texas.

Peggy Brown, with the Humane Society, offered her thoughts on how and why this situation came to fruition, citing first and foremost, the push for animal control to become "no-kill," and cuts in municipality budgets.

Brown stated:

“People think any fate is better than putting an animal down. They have soft hearts and think, ‘I have to save this one.’ They’re well-meaning and caring people,”

“But they don’t have the resources.”

The mission statement for the Animal Guardians of America reads:

Animal Guardians of America (AGA) isa no-kill animal rescue organization. Our mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, and neglected animals, bring about their recovery as healthy companions, and to promote care and compassion for all animals.

We take animals no one wants, turning them into animals everyone wants. AGA is committed to enriching the lives of our animal friends who may be without shelter, food, care, or love -- regardless of age, natural beauty, or condition -- and to find them temporary and permanent homes.

According to Dallas News, the dogs who have been seized from the property will be in the care of the Humane Society of North Texas and two of their facilities. If the dogs are found to be healthy, they will be put up for adoption.

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