Rent successfully with a pit bull

Rent successfully with a pit bull

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“It’s against the law in the state of Florida for a homeowner to have a pit bull because no home owners insurance will cover that breed of dog.” This is a true statement from a real estate agent in Jacksonville, FL. My immediate inner thought was….WHAT????

In my quest to find a new place to rent and call home with my 2 canine companions, I didn't realize what I was up against. Both of my fur kids are shelter rescues and of the pit bull breed. While I knew it would be challenging to find a rental to accept all 4 of us (a stray cat has recently joined the clan), I didn't think it impossible nor would I encounter such resistance to the pit bull breed of dog.

My Response

The opening statement was in reply to a property I called to seek more information. The real estate agent blasted me when I told her that my 2 canine companions were pit bulls. I immediately replied to the statement, “that is false information” and she replied “I am a real estate agent and I know what I am talking about………” Not wanting to be self-righteous because ego kills more things (literally and figuratively), I took a deep breath and asked this kind real estate agent if I could share some information. I explained that every animal shelter in Jacksonville and the entire state of Florida is dominated by this breed of dog looking for a new home. Adoptions for the pit bull are happening every day, meaning these dogs are entering homes across the state and nation. It’s a misconception that owning a pit bull is against the law. It’s perfectly legal, safe, and home owners can insure their home with a pit bull living on the property. I proceeded to explain that both of my pit bulls have resumes to include basic obedience, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificates, are up to date on vet records, one is a certified therapy dog, and I provide my own renters insurance which covers liability for the dogs.

Her Response

Upon hearing all that I had to say the real estate agent was open and willing to show me the property I was interested. She encouraged me to check in periodically for new listings. This was not my first encounter with turning someone around and changing their initial resistance to one of welcoming. My ability to prove and show my responsible pet ownership illustrates a responsible and trustworthy tenant. I was able to talk some “small pets only” rental listings into allowing all 4 of us (me, the two 45 lb pit bulls, and cat) to sign a lease.

What does that mean?

Do your due diligence and if you’re determined to keep your pets (regardless of breed) it can be done. Renting with a pet might be a challenge, but if you cover all your bases and set yourself up to be successful, you can and will be successful. The dog in the photo is Ananda and she is currently seeking a FURever home. Please visit Pit Sisters to learn how you can make her a part of your family.

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