Raven goes to Las Vegas!

Raven goes to Las Vegas!
Raven goes to Las Vegas

The most exciting day of my life was to experience the greeting of Raven at the S & R Ranch. As he was delivered by The Last Straw rescue in AZ and unloaded. The horses all greeted him, each and every one of them! Raven, was like a prince, holding his head high as he walked to his new paddock, stopping to say hello to all the other horses.

It was love at first sight with the mares and I must say, he is loving life, in his new surroundings. Raven, has the view of the famous Las Vegas strip with the bright city lights and more. “This boy is amazing”. I will give him a few days to settle in with his new surroundings and off we go for our new adventure in Las Vegas.

Here are some tips on bringing home your new horse. http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/horse-articles/bri...

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