Pup adopted 3 months ago fighting for his life after being returned to shelter

Pup adopted 3 months ago fighting for his life after being returned to shelter


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Update July 15: Peanut has lost the fight for his life. A post on the Big Hearts for Big Dogs Facebook page stated

Pup adopted 3 months ago fighting for his life after being returned to shelter

Peanut before and after

Facebook: Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

"For those who are new to Peanut's story this is a great article We lost him today after a hard fight to keep him with us. His abusers will NOT go unpunished, Peanut's name will live on. Run free at the rainbow bridge sweet boy."

Plans are being made to charge his owner with animal cruelty.

On July 13, Big Hearts For Big Dog Rescue received notification on a pup that was adopted out of Broward County Animal Care and Adoption three months ago. Peanut is the son of sweet Luna, whom the rescue saved awhile back.


Peanut was a healthy puppy, as you can see from his pre-adoption photo. The call came in yesterday that he had been returned to the shelter in critical condition.

Luna's foster mom, Danielle Renee, agreed to foster him, and went to the shelter immediately to get Peanut out.

Everyone was in tears when they saw the deterioration this sweet boy has undergone. Peanut immediately crashed on them, and was soon hospitalized in critical condition.

Peanut was immediately put on IV fluids and heavy medication. He refuses to eat, and is very weak. The vet is monitoring his red blood cell and hemoglobin count, as they are dangerously low. If Peanut doesn't respond to the medication, he'll need a blood transfusion.

The latest update posted by Big Hearts For Big Dogs on their Facebook page says Peanut is still extremely weak. His sodium level is high, and his blood cell and hemoglobin counts are low. Right now the clinic eoesn't know the source of the extreme anemia.

Peanut's skin is in such bad condition he's losing fluids and blood constantly. Right now the vet is working hard just to stabilize him. The skin issues can't even be addressed until he's in better condition.

A second antibiotic has been added to treat the pus infection he has on his skin. Regardless, Peanut will remain at the vet for an extended stay.

Big Hearts For Big Dogs refuses to give up on their boy. His treatment will cost money. Lots of money, and the rescue has turned to their supporters for help with that.

If you can help with his treatment, the donation page is here.

Big Hearts For Big Dogs is a South Florida rescue who only adopts out to Florida residents, has the following on their Facebook page.

"We have BIG hearts for BIG dogs all over South Florida. We are a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization determined to make a difference. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome large dogs. We have a special interest in Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs as they are the most neglected and misunderstood breed."

Your donation will be tax deductible, and very appreciated. Please share sweet Peanut with friends, and keep him in your thoughts as he struggles to live.

Charges for animal cruelty and neglect are likely against the person or persons who allowed Peanut to deteriorate like this.

While shelters do keep adoption records on file, there's also the possibility Peanut was no longer with the family who took him home.