Project Purr's "Fix and Feed Pets in Need" program a blessing to our community

Project Purr's "Fix and Feed Pets in Need" program a blessing to our community
Project Purr's Fix and Feed Pets in Need program a success

If you thought Project Purr was just about feral cats, think again! This organization recently received accolades from several area leaders - their “Fix and Feed Pets in Need” program is a blessing to our community.

Lynne Achterberg, one of Project Purr’s founders, talks about the program:

“Since October 2008, Project Purr's Fix and Feed Pets in Need program has collected and delivered donated food to pets of people in need and managed feral cat colony caregivers.

By combining food distribution and bilingual information on low cost animal spay/neuter and other veterinary resources, we humanely and effectively reduce animal overpopulation and help prevent the heartbreaking decision of surrendering a cherished companion animal due to economic hardship.

By partnering with Santa Cruz County Animal Services, with hosted barrels located in the shelters' lobbies, and streamlined ‘piggy-backing’ on respected and established pantry programs, including Loaves & Fishes in Watsonville, Valley Churches United in Ben Lomond, and Homeless Persons Health Project in Santa Cruz, we extend the reach of the safety net for animals. In 2010, Project Purr, gathered and distributed over 12,400 pounds of much needed (and much appreciated) dog and cat food valued at over $18,600!"

Project Purr wishes to thank Billy Davis, manager at CVS Pharmacy/Deer Park, Aptos for kindly hosting a successful Holiday Pet Food Drive donation barrel and the animal-loving community!

The following is the first of several well-deserved thanks received by Project Purr. Renee Robison, MSW, Health Services Manager, Homeless Persons Health Project, writes:

“Homeless individuals have strong emotional ties to their companion animals - just like every other pet owner - and wish to care for their pets as best they can. Often a homeless person will choose not to go into a homeless shelter on a cold, rainy night because shelters can't accommodate pets. A companion animal provides unconditional love, acceptance, and safety for a homeless man or woman. The Homeless Persons Health Project (HPHP) provides a wide range of health and mental health care, and other supportive services to homeless individuals, but federal funds do not cover pet care. To meet this need, HPHP relies on Project Purr's "Fix and Feed Pets in Need" program for pet food, spay/neuter services, rabies vaccination, and other veterinary resources for homeless pets. Project Purr's donated dog food and cat food (over 3,800 pounds in 2010) not only nourishes pets, but is also an outreach tool to help build relationships with homeless people, who may then return to HPHP for their own medical and mental health care. Both homeless owner and companion animal benefit from the "Fix and Feed Pets in Need" safety net. Thank you for your compassionate support.”

Loaves and Fishes praises:

“Dear Project Purr friends,

We at Pajaro Valley Loaves And Fishes in Watsonville thank you for providing pet foods and supplies that we can distribute to our clients. The people who come to us to us for food are surviving on very little, and some have no reliable sources if income. Many have pets who help fill some of the voids in their lives. We re-package the food into smaller bags so that it can be given to more people over a period of time. We also thank you for providing clothing items collected for your rummage sale."

Annette Marcum, Executive Director of Valley Churches United Missions (VCUM) in Ben Lomond, tells Project Purr:

“It's up to all of us that have a little to give a lot to those who have not...including our furry friends."

VCUM Operations Director, Linda Lovelace, writes:

"Dear Lynne, Thank you so much for a much needed area of support. We really appreciate your work in the community to a very vulnerable population."

Project Purr welcomes your donations of unopened cans and bags of dog/cat food. Monetary donations can be made through their website at or mailed to:

Project Purr
PO Box 891
Santa Cruz, CA 95061