Potter's Angels Rescue needs help with vet bills for Parvo and heartworm

Potter's Angels Rescue needs help with vet bills for Parvo and heartworm

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Potter's Angels Rescue, a Vermont based non-profit organization, became known in the upstate SC community when they rescued a total of 49 dogs from Greenville County Animal Care Services on August 23.

Potter's Angels Rescue needs help with vet bills for Parvo and heartworm

Max needs a forever home

They literally came in and took dogs who would have otherwise been put down, rescuing any remaining dogs who tested heartworm negative. All of the dogs in this slideshow only had until August 23 for confirmation, or could have been euthanized if their five day stray hold was up.

On August 28, the rescue confirmed six more dogs, which will be transferred from SOS Animal Sanctuary.

Now Potter's Angels Rescue needs your help. They are covered in vet bills, not from Friday's rescue, but from dogs rescued out of the Greenville shelter last month. Here are the statistics on the dogs they saved, along with the health issues that continue to mount.

*Dog that came up around June 27 tested positive for parvo between July 10-16 and died
*Romeo tested positive for Parvo and died July 25
*Cinnamon tested positive for Parvo, lived
*Clover had ringworm, and also pneumonia, lived
*Charlene came up late July and died a few weeks later of Parvo or distemper

One puppy, who came up from the August 23 rescue from GCACS, is now under veterinary care, but a diagnosis hasn't been made. Sadly, Potter's Angels has puppies die of Parvo or kennel cough every time they rescue more dogs.

They've now also had two dogs test positive for heartworm. One had allegedly tested negative at the shelter, and the other dog just mysteriously ended up with the other rescued dogs. Heartworm treatment varies in cost, but it's safe to say treating heartworm will cost at least $500. Perhaps more than that, depending on the size of the dog.

Potter's is now facing hundreds of dollars in veterinary fees to cover treatment, especially those who came up last month. Parvo is an expensive illness to treat, especially on as many dogs as this rescue gives a temporary home to until a forever home can be found.

Read their mission statement

"Potter’s Angels Rescue is a non-profit organization consisting of passionate volunteers dedicated to putting an end to the pet overpopulation problem that plagues the United States. We temporarily provide sanctuary in approved foster homes throughout the state of Vermont to abused, neglected, stray, and unwanted animals without discrimination, until we can place them in to carefully screened homes. We also provide these animals with the medical care that they need prior to placement in everlasting homes, including spaying/neutering. Along the way we work to educate the public on the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, and the unchaining of dogs. We also provide information and guidance on selecting the right dog for your home and helping people to find that fit through a rescue to help put an end to irresponsible breeding practices. Our organization strongly believes that all animals are the angels that walk among us and should be treated with respect and dignity. The ultimate goal of this organization is to have all people share this philosophy, creating a healthier and kinder community for humans and animals alike..."

Please help this wonderful rescue if you can. If you can't help, then share their story. They've done amazing work by saving as many dogs as they have over the past few months. Even a few dollars will help pay the constant expenses, from vet bills to food, cleaning supplies and doggy toys. Click here to donate.

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NOTE: Another rescue I'm in contact with now has $3,000-$4,000 in vet fees from last weeks rescue. One of the dogs has died. More on this case as information becomes available.

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