Poospatuck Indian Reservation received free pet clinic

Poospatuck Indian Reservation received free pet clinic

The animals on the Reservation benefited from the generosity of the Guardians of Rescue.

Last Saturday, April 13th, the Guardians of Rescue reached out and offered a free pet clinic to the individuals residing at the Poospatuck Indian Reservation in Suffolk County, New York. Approximately 324 people currently live on the 55 acre Reservation according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The pets on residing at Poospatuck were able to receive both vaccines and free microchips.

Robert Misseri, President of Guardians of Rescue stated, “The Reservation doesn’t have the municipality resources, so they benefit from having our organization coming in to provide these services to keep their pets happy and healthy.”

The vaccines administered were to fight off the most common pet diseases; Parvovirus and Distemper. The injections will help to keep the residents’ pets healthier and help them to live longer.

Microchips are a completely separate and important asset in pet ownership. They help to reunite lost or runaway canines (and felines) with their owners. Microchips are able to be scanned when a pet is recovered and helps the animal to be reunified with those that love them quicker than if the pet does not have a microchip.

These tiny rice-sized devices are unique identifiers for the pets. They do not hurt them; in essence they literally save their lives. This device helps keep shelters and rescue organizations freer for the animals that truly need help in locating a forever home. They also help to keep the pets that people love from being euthanized needlessly. Unfortunately not every person is able to afford this small luxury for the health and well-being of their pet thus actual pets end up in a shelter instead of with their family.

Dori Scofield, V.P. of the Guardians of Rescue, had made the following statement prior to attending the function at the reservation, “We are thrilled to be welcomed onto the reservation. We have developed a great relationship with residents and their pets. This day will provide health and safety for their animals.”

The Guardians of Rescue felt so strongly about helping the Indians living on the Reservation with their pets that they totally funded this event. They also handed out free spaying and neutering slips for the pet as well as pet food.

If you believe in the Guardians’ mission, there is always an opportunity to donate to their cause; you, too, are able to help the organization benefit animals in need. The Guardians of Rescue gratefully accepts the donations so that they can benefit as many animals as possible. They are eager to continue helping animals and providing services to animals. For more information, visit the site at www.guardiansofrescue.org.