Pit bull stolen from shelter moments before he was to leave with new family

Pit bull stolen from shelter moments before he was to leave with new family

Stolen puppy, Bud

On Saturday morning, a dog who was scheduled to be picked up by his new adoptive family, was stolen from a shelter in Grass Valley, Calif. According to Sunday's CBS Sacramento, the dog, a blue pit bull named "Bud," had a rough past prior to his arrival at the facility, but his future looked bright.

Bud's former owners had utilized him as a guard dog for their marijuana grow operation.

The stout, nine-month-old pit bull turned out to be more of a lover than a fighter, and after being confiscated by the police, a family fell in love with him and decided to offer him a home.

The adoption plans for the puppy were thwarted when a woman walked into the facility this weekend and whisked Bud away - sadly, on the very day that his new family was set to take him home.

Those who know Bud are concerned for his welfare - not only because his fate with the stranger who stole him is unknown, but also because he recently had surgery and is on medication.

The following description has been provided of the woman suspected of stealing Bud: Tall, skinny who drove away in a small, white pickup believed to be a Toyota.

Right now, a $500 reward is being offered for Bud's safe return - click here to follow the networking for Bud on Facebook.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sammie's Friends at (530) 471-5041 or animal control at (530) 470-2706.

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