Pit bull hate groups are KKK for dogs

Pit bull hate groups are KKK for dogs

We care a lot!

A recent virus of anonymous pit bull hate groups over the internet gave rise to this story. No one who loves animals likes to go spelunking through excrement such as is found on some of these blogs and Facebook pages, but like the song goes, 'it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.'

Pit bull hate groups are KKK for dogs

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Pit bull hate groups are KKK for dogs

From Dawn James portfolio of hated dogs


Feeling somewhat like Norton from the Honeymooners when he punched in at the city sewer, I went to work. I didn't have far to look. The ol' grandmaw of pit bull hate groups is Craven Desires, a web blog that near gleefully awaits news of any pit bull looking dog attack to post.

Ms. James has built a bleak fan club of sorts whose tentacles have recently reached high kill shelters. While freedom of speech is celebrated and very protected in the U.S. the thought of this sort of murderous commentary influencing shelters already killing pit bull breeds by the truckloads is horrifying.

Claiming she doesn't want all pit bull breeds dead, James posts, "and for the record, i never said anything about killing about pit bulls, although i would like them spayed and neutered into extinction. big diff."

One argument for this person is she is certainly as dedicated and as game as the foe she wishes to annihilate from the planet earth. Even the most tenacious fighting dog eventually stops, but James doesn't let up. Not for an instant.

"dawn james said...

where are the wooden stakes and silver bullets when you need them?

dawn james said...

"Nanny Dogs"...Should anyone who repeats this lie get Mauled?!?

but it is funny that the nutters always criticize this sentiment and they have their own version of "oh my god it could have been a child" whenever their ugly mutants are shot.

cravendesires said...

yes i have but thanks, it will be in my next frankenmauler roundup, which is late."

Amidst terrorizing anyone who dares to own a pit bull dog with photographs and nasty slurs on her pages, Dawn James apparently takes pleasure in her adversaries contracting terminal illness. Better yet when they die. "dawn james said...i am not sure that the poet knew this creepy fur mommy died of cancer but i did and i don't care. it really doesn't matter how she died, she was a dangerous fucking flake in life."

This story began as a piece on pit bull hate blogs, but I could never get past one particular writer, Dawn James and her legacy of death.

Blogs authored by James include:

woo's pigs

Gripping Dogs

Kris Crawford: Flimflamming Dawghandler

craven desires

America's Dog

Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pit Bulls

17 Barks

The TRUTH About Pit Bulls

Pit Nutter


Occupy Maul Street

Stop Laura Fitterman

Nobody endorses maulings or out of control behavior by any animal. In fact, some of us spend our lives searching for solutions that involve training, socialization and responsible care. The message from Craven Desires, Dawn James and her rabid and avid followers are far from any cure and about as effective as a group of frightened angry racists who come out at night wearing a bed sheet.

To answer James' question "Who Cares?", the answer is we do....we care a lot.

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