Phoenix : skin grafts looking good - burned puppy continues to heal. (Slideshow post-surgery pics)

Phoenix : skin grafts looking good - burned puppy continues to heal. (Slideshow  post-surgery pics)
Phoenix - Getting Care from the staff at Guilford County animal Shelter

A happy update on Phoenix for those following his puppyhood. This is the puppy that was set on fire by four unremorseful youths in the Greensboro area back in July.

He was required to have surgery, due to the nature of his serious burns which had covered 45-50% of his body, to prevent problems in the future.

His skin graft surgery were completed last Thursday and Friday and he is currently recovering at the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

He was required to have several days of cold compress treatments after his surgery. He is under careful watch to make sure he is not too active as his healing begins.

Today he will be having his first post-surgery check up and from the looks of the pictures all should be well. Let's hope this puppy continues to heal well.

Look for further updates as his healing progresses. If you can, remember to donate to Susie's Law Miracle Fund which is helping to pay for all the abused does that go through Guilford County Animal Shelter.

See post surgery pictures in slideshow which show skin grafts, so may be upsetting to some.


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