Pets can help clean up for Earth Day

Pets can help clean up for Earth Day

Caru Pet Food packs its products as to eliminate waste and promote recycling.

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Each year we celebrate our Earth, the land that we love, on a day designated just for that purpose. We make it a common goal to come together to clean up as a way of celebrating Mother Nature and to put a stop to the impending environmental impact our land is experiencing because of our day-to-day activities.

This year we are celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. This year even pets can get involved as their carbon paw print can equal up to that of an SUV!

It is never too early to get started. There are some really good Earth-friendly products out there to help Fido and Felix reduce their own carbon paw print.

· Caru Pet Food Company is looking out for the environment in a different way than other pet foods. It takes a lot of power and packing products to make dog food, but Caru’s line of all natural, nutritious dog stews come in an eco-friendly Tetra Pak®. Tetra Paks use 1/3 of the packaging that cans use and create 60% less waste than cans – even after recycling.

· Gold Paw Series is a family run dogwear company dedicated to providing practical pet apparel. All their products are made in the U.S. from high-quality, guilt-free, recycled materials that are colored with low-impact dyes and even have biodegradable tags.

· Imperial Cat scratchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with fun patterns to fit any home decor, including a chair and ottoman scratcher. Plus, all the brand's scratchers are made in the U.S. from post-recycled materials that are 100% recyclable after kitty’s use, and include a bag of certified organic catnip.

These are just three fun, healthy and eco-friendly brands that make products that are good for your four-legged companion, good for you and best of all, good for Mother Earth! In order to help your animals reduce, reuse and recycle, you will have to research other organizations, brands and products that are made from recyclable goods or leave less waste. It is your responsibility to do the best for everyone as a pet parent!

So, as you are out acquiring products for your current pet or for a new pet, think about how you spend and what you are spending on. Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22nd, but shouldn’t we be more responsible year around? Taking care of Mother Earth is essential to leave her in better condition than we found her. Besides, what more could a pet and pet parent want?