Pets, books and our lives

Pets, books and our lives
Let's stay cozy and read together

Beginning October 1 this is National Book Month. There are two things I love in this world Pets and books. Being an avid reader there are many I can suggest as enjoyable for curling up in bed and reading until it is time to close those eyes. However, I also know that not everyone shares my tastes in reading or for that matter in reading period. So I thought you would forgive me for two articles in the month of October about books and the others I will write regarding other topics regarding dogs.

This article is going to be about that other population in the world. Cats Cats can be alright if they are enough like a dog or if they stay out of the way. The first book is an old standby, The Cat Who Came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory Cleveland Amory has written a humorous story of how a cat can work their way into your heart. This is an adult book although we can read it to children and it is a great bedtime book as there are no real dark times when we might get nightmares worrying about the cat.

Any of the books in the article can be found in the library or on . Which brings us to our next book Dewey the Library Cat: A True Story by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter As stated in the title, this is a true story and a book for older teenagers or adults. Dewey begins this story half frozen and continues his journey with a librarian in a small economically downturned town. This is an excellent book for the week before Christmas or the week between Christmas and New Years as we come to see the good in people and what can be achieved when we work together.

The last book is another true story of a beloved pet. The Cat Who Loved Dogs by Sunny Fader. Is a book when taken out of the pet context we could all use as a lesson in getting along with our fellow men. This book will follow the friendships between to species which we assume will be at the very least at odds or simply dislike each other. The Cat Who Loved Dogs is a beautiful story of daily life, including challenges, surprises and sometimes pitfalls. Sunny Fader weaves this story into a lovely tale of life.

I hope you will enjoy any or all of these books. You will be able to get these books from, or at your local Library.