Pet Health: Compounding - a great solution for pet medications

Pet Health: Compounding - a great solution for pet medications
Cats are particularly hard to medicate.

Some pets are easy to medicate and some are not. A lot of times, pet owners end up wearing the medicine they are trying to administer because the pet spits it out or shakes it off. Some pets just will not swallow a pill, no matter how many attempts you make to get it down the hatch. Cats are particularly difficult to medicate with pills.

What do you do when you know your pet needs to take a medication, but you feel like you are torturing him trying to get him to take it?

Ask your veterinarian if it can be compounded.

Veterinary compounding involves reformulating a prescription drug for an individual animal’s needs. Sometimes that means that the medicine is made for people and doesn’t come in a small enough dose for your pet. Sometimes a commercial brand of a medication has components that your pet is allergic to. Sometimes compounding is used for pets that are on multiple medications, and by combining several of them it reduces the number of pills they need to take daily. Changing the form or flavor of the medicine makes it more appealing to your pet.

Medications can be compounded into flavored liquids, rapidly dissolving tablets, chewy or crunchy biscuits or gummi chews. There are also forms applied directly to the skin or inside of the ears, called transdermal gels.

Nature’s Pharmacy is the place to go for veterinarian prescription compounding in the Greater Cleveland area. Nature’s Pharmacy is located at 21724 Lorain Rd. in Fairview Park. They can do all the different types of veterinary compounding mentioned in this article. For cats and dogs, they can flavor medications with yummy pet-friendly flavors such as: bacon, beef, chicken, liver, tuna, or fish. Some cats and dogs enjoy sweet flavors such as butterscotch and peanut butter, as well.

Many other animals such as birds, horses, reptiles, and ferrets prefer fruit or vegetable flavors such as: apple, banana, celery, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, tangerine, tutti-frutti, and watermelon. Nature’s Pharmacy is able to meet their needs too.

If you have a prescription for your pet compounded at Nature’s Pharmacy, they will ship it directly to your home. Call 440-331-8509 for more information.