Pet hair donations cleaning up Gulf Coast oil spill

Pet hair donations cleaning up Gulf Coast oil spill
Do you know someone with fur? (This dog is available for adoption by emailing [email protected])

It takes a lot of hair to clean an oil spill.


That's right! Environmental groups have tested all kinds of products before declaring human and animal hair the best way to soak up oil in our oceans. It's used during a time of major crisis such as the oil spill currently affecting our coasts.

Right now hair is being collected by an agency in San Francisco called Matter of Trust. The organization stuffs nylon stockings with donated hair and sends them wherever there's an oil spill-- currently, the gulf coast.

The Statesman recently interviewed pet parlours in Austin that were committed to making a difference. And here in Nashville we can to!

Kit Brooking, who runs West End Grooming, a grooming place for pets, says she’s planning to send heaps of dog hair to Matter of Trust, a San Francisco nonprofit that makes fur and nylon into oil booms, known as “hairbooms”.

“I just thought it was a cool thing, and am spreading word to people who cut hair in town,” she said. “Whether it’s human or dog hair, it’s one thing we can do to help out with the oil spill.”

Lend a hand

Why not encourage your own hair salon and grooming parlour to send in their heaps of hair? It's easy to do and is a great way to help save our waters. For more information on where to send donations, please go HERE.

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