Pet eye products spur FDA warning

Pet eye products spur FDA warning

The FDA has told three firms to stop selling unapproved pet eye drugs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has told three animal drug firms to stop selling unapproved eye products for cats and dogs.

The warning applies to several “tear stain removers” that are supposed to curb excessive tear production and the stains that result from that watery discharge. The products include Angels’ Eyes, made by I’m a Little Teacup; Angels’ Glow, made by Blanc du Blanc; and Pets’ Spark, made by Petaware.

The FDA said the products, which are administered orally, have not been reviewed by the agency for safety and effectiveness and contain an antibiotic, tylosin tartrate, that is not approved for use in cats or dogs.

In letters sent to the three Florida-based firms in late August, the FDA warned that it may take “additional enforcement action” if the products remain on the market. Potential actions include seizing the drugs and securing injunctions against those who make and distribute the products.

Blanc du Blanc, I’m a Little Teacup and Petaware did not respond to requests for comment. But I'm a Little Teacup wrote on its website that it plans to keep Angels’ Eyes on the market “while we work with the FDA to achieve full regulatory compliance.”