Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to killing girlfriend's kitten

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to killing girlfriend's kitten
A "grabber" tool similar to the photo shown used for reaching objects on high shelves or out of reach was used by Gambone to kill his girlfriend's defenseless kitten.

Vincent Anthony Gambone, 23 of the 800 block of Hamley Circle, King of Prussia pleaded guilty earlier this week to killing his girlfriend's kitten with a "Grabber" tool. Authorities found the tiny black and white kitten bleeding from her nose and with an apparent broken neck.

According to the on July 1, Gambone was at his girlfriend's home in Upper Merion and after going into a fit of rage struck the defenseless kitten with the tool.

Gambone is currently free on $1,000 bail and has been admitted to a court-ordered behavioral health program. He will be sentenced at a later time.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) state that violent acts inflicted upon animals are indicators of dangerous behaviors not just confined to the parameters of animal abuse. Animal cruelty and abuse are symptoms of deep mental disturbances, and it is hoped that social services, police departments, and judges prosecute these offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

It is a sad fact that animal abusers rarely stop at killing defenseless animals.

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