Pawfectly Perfect Pair

Pawfectly Perfect Pair
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Have you heard? Well, now you will….ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) and Spotted Paw have teamed up for one of the most powerful animal partnerships that Illinois will be oh so lucky to have. Why exactly is this important, simply because it will mean fewer homeless pets!

I was fortunate enough today to be able to get information from the top ‘dogs’ at ARF while they were conducting their official second public event with Spotted Paw. Ann Persenaire, President of ARF and Tom Chambers both fed me the inside scoop, while Gary (that we met last week), the Vice President of ARF was making sure all details had been attended to. Spotted Paw has helped ARF place 19 dogs over these two events; more to be adopted tomorrow!

This was a seriously great day for both organizations, since the (not literal) cat is now out of the bag. The partnership has been revealed and because of this gesture to save pets at any cost, Michael and Cris Zloza enabled ARF to bring in an extra 10 dogs this week that would have otherwise had to have been turned away. The Zlozas assured ARF that if the dogs were not rescued that they would foster eight extra pets; unbelievably generous!

This partnership will be the talk of the town because everyone associated with both Spotted Paw and ARF are community focused! ARF offers low cost vaccination clinics and dog (and cat) food donations to local food pantries around Wheaton since all of the key ARF people live locally, they can help those folks/animals right in our neighboring area.

Spotted Paw is making the partnership credible because they are lending ARF free grooming for all of the dogs looking for homes. They are also donating food for the rescues! As long as the community helps them get their business off the ground, they can help the community save homeless pets!

Not only does Spotted Paw cater to ARF and homeless pets, they have based their entire business on catering to their customers. Since they are not a corporate store, but are privately owned and operated, they can fulfill their mission. If a customer utilizes a certain product, they make sure that they carry that product!

ARF began about 25 years ago. They have established partnership relationships before and have not always had the best of luck because those that they partnered with were not as prepared or willing to make the commitments required. In fact, many times ARF has had to actually step in and run those businesses. As long as ARF and Spotted Paw conduct their partnership as a sustainable business relationship, they will do well and go far!

The event today began at 11:00 and was to go until 3:00, giving people the opportunity to become familiar with ARF as well as Spotted Paw! I arrived around 11:20 and was just thrilled to discover that Dolly, a sweet 2-3 year old Puggle had finally found her forever home! Dolly had been with ARF for quite some time, and although she was a very affectionate, happy and a snuggly dog, she had been passed over too many times to count; today just happened to be her day!

With that good fortune beginning my day, I stepped right into the mix. Eloise, a female long coat Lhasa Apso was meeting and greeting, looking her fluffy best and strutting her stuff. People were definitely interested and before I left, around 12:30, Eloise had also acquired her forever home! This was so exciting.

Afterwards, I found out that 10 dogs found their forever home this very day! I don’t know about you, but this news was wonderful to me! It is easy to come in and select either your particular dog that you previously requested or the type of dog you are looking for when you are pre-qualified and previously approved.

I was fortunate as well to meet with a young volunteer (and his mother). His name was Reese and he was eager to give me a personal interview about their current foster dog, Tabitha, a 5-6 year old Newfoundland/Spaniel Mix that was rescued as a heartworm positive victim. She, for the past eight weeks, has received treatment and is now ready to adopt! When I asked Reese if it was hard to see the foster dogs go, he was truthful in telling me, “It is hard to see some go, depending on the dog.” His favorite, Frankie was adopted out not long ago, and he is about to go and visit Frankie – that way they can keep in touch and Reese does not feel as if he has fully lost a dog that he grew to love!

Because of loving fosters and those dedicated to the success of ARF and Spotted Paw, more dogs can get adopted. If they help out the public and offer dogs for reasonable prices (less than half of what people would ordinarily pay from a breeder), they can cover not only the costs of fixing the dogs up and readying them for adoption, but also help out more dogs with special needs that could potentially be adopted out, if they only could receive treatment.

According to Tom, “Foster homes are always needed in order to help ARF succeed! If you are looking for a way to make a huge difference in the lives of homeless animals, please consider opening your home and your heart to a dog (or cat) on its path to its forever home. We can only rescue as many as we have foster homes to care for them. Volunteer applications are available at”

Please help me support these two loving organizations. Stop into Spotted Paw for more information on ARF and phone ARF for more information on Spotted Paw. Please see below for more contact details:

Spotted Paw ARF Illinois

74 Danada Square West P.O. Box 4423

Wheaton, IL 60189 Wheaton, IL 60189

630.225.7387 630.200.3828 [email protected]