Part Two: How to bath your cat

Part Two: How to bath your cat
Bathtime for your cat can be very dis-arming

Cats are not the best animals to bath: unless started at an early age, some Veterinarians in Parkersburg give some sound advice.

Water and cats don't mix: say local vets, they are not fond of water, getting their head wet or being held down.

Cats don't need bathing as much as dogs: most cats do their daily cleaning of skin and coat

Reasons for bathing a cat:

  1. Flea and tick control,
  2. heavy soiled coat,odors
  3. cats that are non-self cleaners

( bathing does not remove Matt's in fur)

Always start by having everything on hand: the job of washing will go much easier

  1. Shampoo
  2. Towels
  3. Pail of warm water
  4. Cup to pour water with
  5. Lots of patients

Tricks to giving your cat a bath: hold behind head around neck with one hand (don't let go), use the other hand for applying shampoo and washing.

Apply shampoo to your cats back, legs and tail ( not head) dip your hand in the warm water and massage the shampoo into a nice lather.
continue adding water and rub/ massage your cats fur for about 3 to 5 minutes (10 minutes will kill fleas)

Rinsing your cat: using your cup start pouring warm water over the cats body from the neck back. (don't rush) when the soap is almost gone, take your washing hand and stroke the body picking up diluted shampoo and rub his head (like petting them) continue this process till you have cover the full face

Final rinse of cat: start again pouring water over the back body same as before, when the shampoo is gone from the coat, take your free hand and stroke the body to get your hand wet again and re-do the head and face as before.

You are now ready to dry your cat: use a towel to wrap them like a baby and hold them close, this well absorb much of the water, then replace with another towel and repeat the process until almost dry

Cats may not like dryers: so keeping them in a confined area until dry might be the best.

Good Luck on bathing your kitty,

If bathing is something that you chose to not attempt myself: ,call your local Pet groomers and vet clinic for a professional job.

I hope this article was helpful watch for Part three: how to bath your horse

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