Pamper Your Pets With PetBox

Pamper Your Pets With PetBox

Annie views her holiday petbox. Pamper your pet this holiday season...and all year long!

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Pamper your pets this holiday season, and all year long, with PetBox!

Pamper Your Pets With PetBox

Spoil your furry friends all year long with PetBox!

Image courtesy of PetBox

PetBox was launched nationwide earlier this month and is a monthly subscription-based service delivering premium pet products directly to your doorstep. Pet guardians can order monthly “goodie boxes” for their canine or feline family members. While there are other similar services out there (such as BarkBox for dogs), PetBox is the only one that allows you to choose exactly what comes in the box, either for cats or dogs. Yes…it’s not just for dogs anymore!

Cost changes based on the type of subscription you choose. A one-time PetBox order is $39; a 3-month subscription is $37 per month; 6 months is $35 per month; and for a full year it is only $29 per month! In addition, shipping on all PetBoxes is FREE!

When ordering a PetBox, you can choose cat, dog or both. When choosing the “both” option, the buyer is buying TWO PetBoxes, one for a cat and one for a dog. This was one downfall I found while reviewing their site. However, a future marketing initiative at PetBox will allow users to mix and match cat and dog products in the same box. Once available, I feel it will warrant a 5-star rating for PetBox.

When averaged out, the cost of the PetBox is a good deal when compared with the cost of getting the same or similar items separately on And the savings are even greater if you choose the 12 month subscription.

By pampering your pet, you are also helping other homeless animals in need. During this holiday season, PetBox is donating 100% of profits to pet organizations from November 25 to December 25. Beneficiaries include regional humane societies and rescue organizations.

The giving doesn’t stop after the holidays. PetBox feeds one rescue or shelter animal for each box purchased throughout the year! They help smaller rescues like Save Our Souls Animal Rescue in Georgia, to large shelters like Escondido Humane Society in California. PetBox co-founder Sean Conlon consults with each organization to determine what their highest need is: food, help with vet bills, exposure to additional supporters, etc.

Save Our Souls is an all-volunteer non-profit animal rescue in Claxton, GA and currently cares for 79 dogs/puppies in this rural area. Cynthia Simerson, President and Founder of S.O.S, says they received a $200 donation from PetBox, which helped to feed all the dogs and puppies at the rescue for two days. Their mission is to save as many dogs as possible from certain death at local animal control facilities and find them permanent homes, and to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering all pets. You can find out more about them at

The Escondido Humane Society is an open door shelter that takes in stray companion animals within their jurisdictions regardless of age, breed, medical or behavioral needs, or attractiveness to potential adopters. They also are one of the few shelters in California who accepts all strays and does not euthanize based on length of stay or lack of space. Their mission is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of companion animals and to serve their communities. You can find out more about them at

Sally Costello, Executive Director of Escondido Humane Society, says that while they have not seen any donations yet, PetBox has provided some small samples for their adopters, and she feels this looks to be a great idea. Some of their staff and friends have even ordered holiday gifts for their friends from PetBox. To order from PetBox and to make sure a donation is made to Escondido Humane Society, use special code “EHS2013”.

In summary, PetBox seems like a great idea and will help animal rescues and organizations across the country. Although there are some improvements that could make it even better (mixing cat and dog items in one box), the ideals are there. I recommend PetBox for those looking to spoil their furry family members and help other less fortunate animals at the same time.

To start your PetBox membership, visit their website here.

If you are a rescue organization and would like to partner with PetBox, click here.