Owners suspected of severely injuring puppy are headed to court in California

Owners suspected of severely injuring puppy are headed to court in California

According to Monday's MSNBC News, the people suspected of injuring a pit bull puppy so badly that he had to have his two front legs amputated, are heading to court to face charges of animal cruelty.

The puppy's name is "London," and his suspected abusers are former owners, Zachary Hinton and Sarah Anderson.

According to KPTV News, a witness claims that the couple slammed London to the ground multiple times after the pup had chewed on a couch. The impact left London with two shattered legs.

Despite the devastating injuries, the couple did not take London to a veterinarian for treatment; instead, they allowed the pup to suffer for months with the painful injuries.

Eventually, London was surrendered to a humane society in Crescent City, Calif., and later, taken in by the non-profit rescue organization, Panda Paws, which is located in Vancouver, Wash.

After being evaluated by a veterinarian, the decision to amputate both of London's front legs was made. Though the surgery left the pup with just two legs, he made a remarkable recovery, aided immensely by the rescue organization's founder, Amanda Giese.

The former owners were eventually charged for the abuse after an investigation by the Crescent City Police Department was completed.

Hinton and Anderson have pleaded not guilty to the charges of animal cruelty, neglect and torture. If they are convicted, they face up to three years in prison and a $20,000 fine per count of abuse, neglect and torture.

Giese, along with London's veterinarian and London himself, will be at the trial, hoping to see the couple convicted and sentenced for their crime.

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