Over 100 dogs rescued

Over 100 dogs rescued

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Late Wednesday afternoon the Tulsa Humane Society rescued 103 dogs from an elderly couple in Sand Springs, OK. The couple had called a few days earlier and told animal control. Animal control arrived to find over a 100 dogs confined in a trailer in four feet of waste.

Most of the animals were elderly, having lived in the trailer their entire lives being used for breeding only, and have numerous medical issues. Some of the animals may not survive. According to KSHB in Tulsa the couple was attempting to breed a tea cup sized dog.

All the dogs rescued were small breeds: poodles, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Lhasa Apsos and several cross breeds. At least 20 of the animals are six months and under. Eventually all the animals will be up for adoption at the Tulsa Humane Society.

Authorities have not charged the couple with animal neglect, and they most likely will not. The couple called and surrendered the animals versus the animals being seized. The Human Society has said that all the dogs appear to have good temperament. Anyone who wished to donate or adopt can call 918-978-PETS.