Out of a dungeon-Big Red lands in a mansion of love

This poor old senior has been lying in a Corpus Christi, Texas cement cell for 7 years. Nobody is to blame except the people who didn’t want Big Red in the first place. So long as breeders continue to breed and sell dogs, sweet animals like Big Red will wind up cast aside while families purchase a fluffy puppy.

Out of a dungeon-Big Red lands in a mansion of love
Big Red...a brand new beginning

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Out of a dungeon-Big Red lands in a mansion of love
Big Red in his longtime cell

One goodhearted person who visits the animals five times a week, continued to see Big Red. Mark decided to do something to save this one dog. That’s all it took. Once Mark posted Big Red’s story on Facebook, others began to come forward to help. He got numerous offers, one all the way from Georgia.

While getting Big Red caught up with vetting to move him to sanctuary, Mark got an emotional call from not so far away. A couple in Houston had recently lost their fourteen year-old dog. The Georgia group worked with Mark to introduce Big Red to the Houston, Texas couple.

Last night, Big Red spent his first night in 7 years out of a kennel, in a real home…a real nice home..with his new mom and dad who love him very much. Did we mention he’s also poolside?

This is how rescue really works. Again, you do not see the big famous names who usually take all the credit and money in rescue. What you see her, again, are hardworking animal lovers like Mark who do it because they don’t know how to live any other way.

Overheard by his new family last night when Big Red said his prayers…did I die and go to heaven?

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