Organic pest control that can be safely used around pets

Organic pest control that can be safely used around pets
Bark scorpion

If you live in Arizona you have probably noticed that the pests here are coming out in droves. From black ants and jumping spiders to beetles and scorpions, there is no shortage of creepy crawling insects this time of year. While finding a colony of ants has moved into your bathroom is annoying, scorpions can pose a threat to animals and children.

There are 48 species of scorpions that are native to Arizona according to These scorpions range in size and venom strength, some offering a burning sting and others a deadly one. Unless you are an entomologist (1) it can be difficult to tell which kind of scorpion you are dealing with when there are so many species to choose from.

While there are several pet control services available throughout the state there is also an organic product that can be used to control pests in a completely green and environmentally safe manner. Many people have not heard of food grade diatomaceous earth(2). This powder is fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard shelled algae. Harmless to vertebrates(3), food grade diatomaceous earth gets into the joints of invertebrates(4) and slices them up like tiny razor blades and then dehydrates them to death.

On top of its effectiveness agianst scorpions, it can be safely used around your pets and even fed to and dusted on your dog to kill and prevent internal parasites, fleas, flies and ticks as well as around the perimeter of your home and inside your home. Food grade diatomaceous earth, also referred to as D.E can also be used to kill bed bugs (5) another rising pest problem in Arizona. The only danger of using food grade DE is to avoid inhaling it. When dusting outside you should stand downwind or use a face mask and when sprinkling it on pets one should cover their eyes as this could cause discomfort from the drying effect that DE has. It is so safe that you can even eat it. In fact, many grains have a very small amount of food grade DE added to keep bugs out. Organic farmers used DE as a de-worming for livestock and if you are growing a garden it can be used to add trace minerals to your soil as well as keep crop destroying weevils and other various bugs at bay. Diatomaceous Earth can also be used in pool filters but this is not food grade and should never be used for pest control.

Diatomaceous earth is also pocket friendly as it is much less expensive than using other methods of pest control that usually include dangerous pesticides. If you live in Surprise you can pick up some D.E at Dale’s Town and Country (6). Dale’s is a family owned business that also offers a wide variety pet food, toys, full service grooming, riding gear and much more.

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