Oklahoma puppy survives euthanasia attempts

Oklahoma puppy survives euthanasia attempts
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A sweet-faced pup in Oklahoma faced what millions of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens face each year; euthanasia simply because no one wanted him. How ironic that this amazing puppy now has hundreds of people in two countries hoping to adopt him after he survived two euthanasia attempts.

Oklahoma puppy survives euthanasia attempts
"Wall-e" survived 2 euthanasia attempts and will go to a loving homePetfinder.com

The three month-old black and white mutt was abandoned at the gate of a rural Sulpher, Oklahoma animal shelter in the dark of night on February 18 with 4 litter mates. The under-funded shelter about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City adopts out very few animals due to lack of adopters and made the tough decision to euthanize the puppies on March 1.

The dogs were given two injections containing lethal doses of sedative, one in the foreleg and another in the heart. Each should have been enough to kill the dogs, the second being only a precaution to be sure the job was done. The pups were declared dead and put in a dumpster behind the shelter which is emptied each night.

When Animal Control Officer Scott Prall arrived at the dumpster the next morning, he was surprised that for some reason it had not been emptied the night before. But a bigger surprise was waiting for him when he peered inside the dumpster and saw the pup. "He was prancing around. He heard me drive up and looked up and saw me", said Prall.

Prall took the puppy to Amanda Kloski, a veterinarian at Arbuckle Veterinary Clinic. The dog's heart was checked and he appeared fine except for a case of hookworms. Kloski took the dog in and posted his story on a pet adoption site. Soon, the little guy had a name, "Wall-E", given to him by a local child after the Disney pixar robot who was the last of his kind. His story began spreading fast.

Next, he had a benefactor all the way in Pittsburgh. Marcia Machtiger read his story and put up $100 for him to be boarded for a week.

Wall-E was about to become nearly as famous as his namesake. His story flashed across local and then national news outlets as well as pet rescue and personal facebook pages everywhere.

Now the little puppy with no home and no hope is in high demand, with people all over the U.S. and Canada clamoring to adopt him. Wall-E will go to a foster home soon while applicants are combed through to find him just the right loving home.

Both the clinic and animal control officer say that Wall-E and others could have been saved if Murray County had a better animal shelter. Local groups are trying to raise money for a new county shelter. Like animal shelters everywhere in a weakened economy, this one had too many animals and not enough adopters or funds.

"It's been a tough few years in a weakened economy", said Jeannette Christos, Director of Boca Raton's Tri County Humane Society. "Our donations are down 50% and more and more dogs are being abandoned or surrendered to us."

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Most of all, help cut down the number of animals euthanized in shelters each year when you adopt, spay / neuter, tag / microchip, and love your dogs for life.

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