Nikki Green pure olive oil shampoo gift set

Nikki Green pure olive oil shampoo gift set
Rufus tries out the spa robe.

The ultimate luxury item this season is the Nikki Green pure olive oil shampoo gift set. It includes the eco-friendly dog shampoo, organic waffle cotton signature spa robe and brush.

After bathing Rufus with the pure olive oil shampoo free of harmful detergents, chemicals, artificial coloring and other toxins, it is nice to put him his plush and absorbent spa robe for drying.

The shampoo is remarkable because it is 100 percent consumption grade olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt and essential oils like English lavender. The manufactures boast that your dog’s coat will radiate with a healthy glow.

The gift set retails for $59.99 at Orange Bone.

Special Black Friday note:

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