Newsflash for horse fashionistas about Cowgirl Fever horse blankets

Newsflash for horse fashionistas about Cowgirl Fever horse blankets

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Being involved in the horse industry for the last couple of years, we know that the Cowgirl Fever horse blanket hit the market at a trot, escalated to a full gallop and kept on running. The blanket sold out, was replenished, and many caught the fever. Now the Cowgirl Fever is running dead aim to the wire. Once it reaches the final goal, it will run out into “sorry, all sold out” oblivion.

Newsflash for horse fashionistas about Cowgirl Fever horse blankets

Newsflash for horse fashionistas about Cowgirl Fever horse blankets

It has racked up a most amazing record during the few short years that it was in the running for horse blankets.

The writer can say with certainty that once Cowgirl Fever blanket on-hand supplies are sold out, it will never become available again. At Ozark, several sizes are on the verge of selling out completely right now – particularly the 78 size. I have several here in my store but at Ozark, the numbers remaining last week were three 78’s. Since this is the most popular size, it was predictable this one would be picked off first.

There are still a great number of smaller sizes available to the buying public. If you are fortunate, your size needs will be available for the duration. There are no hoods left anywhere to match the blanket. Fortunately, there are many colors in the blanket that can be matched with another hood. It’s just won't be the Cowgirl Fever hood.

When all is said and done, this Ozark horse blanket isn’t just a blanket or a colorful printed fashion for horses. This is a winter horse blanket turnout that is waterproof, well insulated and durable. It is a horse-clothing item that also happens to be fashionable in a contemporary chic style. The print incorporates the various popular symbols of today including the retro peace sign, a skull, and florals. It is a hardworking winter horse blanket that also happens to be attractive, colorful and trendy.

This Cowgirl Fever blanket is a fabulous horse turnout.

Part of the attraction of this horse blanket is probably the excellent workmanship and construction. The fabric is not only colorful, contemporary and attractive, but the blanket offers durability, is tough, lasts forever and keeps the horse comfy and cozy. Worn with a waterproof hood, the horse stays protected and dry. The blanket allows freedom of movement, is well-fitted to the contours of a horse body, and has an ample tail flap that protects even his back end. In a Cowgirl Fever, the horse can turn his tail to the wind, the rain, the snow and nasty winter weather, and still feel comfortable.

You know you love it. Go on, get one before they’re all gone.

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