More ways to help The Tenth Life cat rescue

More ways to help The Tenth Life cat rescue
Huckleberry is waiting for her forever home

The Tenth Life is a no-kill cat rescue in the Dayton, Ohio area. Thousands of cats and a few dogs have been rescued through their efforts over the last 28 years; most of these pets were able to be adopted out after proper care was administered.

The Tenth Life has their own health care facility, complete with surgical suite, surgical laser, x-ray (they are in need of a new one), lab, ultrasound and a fulltime veterinarian. Cats are housed in two buildings; their rooms have ceramic floors, a skylight, two or more windows, and resin furniture with soft bedding for comfort (it looks like a “home” setting as opposed to a “shelter” setting).

This all requires time and money – a lot of money – and there are quite a few ways that you can help (some of which costs you nothing).


The Tenth Life can always use more volunteers, contributions to the general operating fund, donations of supplies, individuals or groups to sponsor a cat, and additions to the fund for a newx-ray machine. Financial donations are tax deductible, and The Tenth Life will provide an acknowledgement letter for your taxes.


Obviously, the best way to help is by giving one of their cats a home of his/her own. The Tenth Life has over 450 cats, all spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested for feline leukemia, feline HIV and heartworm, current on their vaccinations, free of internal and external parasites and in good health. A few cats arrived at The Tenth Life already declawed, so there are a few kitties without front claws.If you want your chosen cat declawed, this can be done before the cat goes home for an additional fee. The declawing procedure at TheTenth Life utilizes the laser, a much less painful method of declawing with a speedier recovery time. The adoption cost for this health, love and happiness is only sixty-five dollars. Please call for an appointment.


Can’t adopt a cat? You can sponsor one for only $10 a month. Sponsoring a cat helps provide food, litter and medical care for a cat. You may choose a cat or The Tenth Life will choose one for you based on your request and specifications (or you can let them choose the one with most need). You will receive a photo of your cat, and a letter every six months telling you about his or her life at The Tenth Life until your cat is adopted. When s/he is adopted, you will receive a letter informing you of the happy occasion and asking you to sponsor another cat.

About half of the cats have sponsors, leaving theother half feeling slighted. Your sponsorship will boost their self-esteem and make them feel even more loved than they already are. Some supporters sponsor a cat as a birthday gift for a cat lover or as a memorial to a person or pet.


Another important way to help the cats is by becoming a volunteer of The Tenth Life: scooping litter boxes, sweeping floors, providing food and water, and, most importantly, giving love and attention to the cats. You can volunteer one hour or several hours a week or every other week tomake the lives of the cats even better. Interested in helping from home? Contact The Tenth Life to see about helping to make fabric cat toys from your home.


A donation to the general operating fund is another important way to help the cats. These are the funds used for day-to-day operational expenses. Donations to this fund make the continued operation of The Tenth Life possible.

The donation of supplies helps conserve those general operating funds. Donations of any of the following items save the cats’ funds and allow more even more time to be spent with the cats instead of shopping:

  • paper towels,toilet paper and facial tissues
  • postage stamps
  • canned food (preferably Iams, Science Diet, Friskies, or Fancy Feast)
  • hand soap, Clorox/Lysol wipes, bleach
  • mops and brooms
  • cat fabric and stuffing to be used for toys

Donations of any of these items may be brought to The Tenth Life during normal hours of operation. Bringing donations only during these hours allows a volunteer to help you unload and prevents distracting the veterinarian and her helper from the medical needs of the cats. If you have questions about any other supplies you wish to donate, please contact The Tenth Life.

A special need

The Tenth Life continues to use the old x-ray machine that was donated; it is still operational, but they must save for new unit that will be very costly. The Tenth Life requests donations – no amount is too small - toward the purchase of a new x-ray machine when the current one gives up and is no longer functional.

Your donations in any of these areas will help the cats (and a few dogs) immensely. Donations have allowed The Tenth Life to provide medical care and comfortable lives for thousands of cats (and a few dogs) who would have been put to death for no reason other than having been born.With your help, The Tenth Life will continue to spay and neuter and work with the public towards overcoming the problem of pet overpopulation, with the goal of seeing a decline in the number of homeless pets.


Huckleberry (pictured) is a spayed four year old female kitty. She likes people (not so much cats) and is a great lap cat. Huckleberry is adoptable through The Tenth Life. You can contact them at 937-376-5550 or send your inquiries to: The Tenth Life,PO BOX 178, Alpha, OH 45301



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