Montreal man pleads guilty to shooting dogs with a nail gun

Montreal man pleads guilty to shooting dogs with a nail gun
Mother Labrador and seven of her puppies have since been adopted.

Montreal - Normand Girard, 52 of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in southeast Montreal pleaded guilty today to four counts of animal cruelty in the shootings of a Labrador retriever and two of her puppies in their heads with a nail gun. The mother dog and her puppies were then abandoned on the side of the road just three days before Christmas.

Humane advocates and animal lovers were so upset by the crime, they offered a $3,000 reward to find the person who did this to the dogs. The Quebec provincial police investigated the heinous crime against the innocent animals.

In December, 2010 Girard's daughter moved away and left the pregnant dog in his care. He stated he couldn't deal with the puppies after the mother dog gave birth because his wife was undergoing medical tests, he was busy at work, and he was renovating a second home. Girard stated he tried to give the puppies away by placing an ad on the Internet but that didn't work out.

Desperate to get rid of the puppies, he then tried to gas the dogs using carbon monoxide, but all the dogs survived. Since he had no firearms, he used a nail gun and shot two of the puppies in the head as well as the mother dog. When the dogs were still alive, he said he panicked and loaded all of the animals into his truck and dropped them off by the side of the road. One puppy later died.

Genevieve Sabourin found the mother dog along the side of the road. At first the Labrador was hesitant about anyone approaching her, but when Sabourin was able to tie a leash around the dog, the mother dog led her rescuer to her puppies.

Since then the mother Labrador and her seven surviving puppies have all been adopted.

The woman who claimed the reward prefers to remain anonymous. She was able to link together the person who advertised puppies on the Internet with the news reports.

It has been stated today that Girard stated he was remorseful about this terrible crime against an innocent dog and her puppies, but most question his sincerity saying if he was really sorry, why didn't he turn himself in to the police?

Girard returns to court on January 4 for sentencing and faces the maximum fine of $10,000, 18 months in prison, or both. Let's hope he gets the maximum sentence.

Source: National