MMA fighter Gordon Shell begins a new fight: saving Detroit's dogs

MMA fighter Gordon Shell begins a new fight: saving Detroit's dogs

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Mixed martial arts fighter Gordon Shell no longer fights in a cage. He still fights; however it is for a different cause. There are cages involved, too, only of a different sort. The fighting he now does is to help abused and abandoned dogs. And the cages he now visits are occupied by four-legged types with wet noses. And sometimes scars. They are the dogs which once were living on the streets, but are now safe. And if Shell has his way, a lot more of them will be saved.

MMA fighter Gordon Shell begins a new fight: saving Detroit's dogs
A big thank you from a grateful friend for helping dogs in DetroitGordon Shell

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After taking an early retirement, Shell had many options of what he could do next. What he chose to do was be part of a documentary to help bring awareness to abused and abandoned dogs in Detroit.

Watch the movie teaser for The Dog Fighter here, and see how you can help Gordon Shell help dogs. In his own words: “I’m fighting. So the dogs don’t have to.”

The Dog Fighter is the inspiring true story of Gordon Shell and his career in mixed martial arts (MMA). Shell suffers from a heart condition which ended his 22 year career as a fighter. On September 15th in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Gordon Shell fought his last MMA fight. It was held on his 43rd birthday. But Shell used this event to bring attention, not to himself, but to the issues of dog fighting and animal abuse in Detroit. The proceeds from this event he generously donated to the Michigan Humane Society.

Follow the story of Gordon Shell, as he transitions from MMA fighter to The Dog Fighter. Perhaps it is his love of animals from an early age that lead him to this decision. He fondly remembers his trips to the Humane Society: “I spent a lot of time walking the dogs and playing in the back with them.” Shell and his wife currently have two rescue dogs.

It seemed natural for Shell to go from being a fighter himself to fighting for dogs: “I started pushing harder since I’m a fighter and work with fighters. I think we have a bigger voice to go after the bad guys.”

Shell pulls no punches when speaking about dogs used for fighting: “It’s a whole different genre when you talk about dog fighting. They don’t choose to fight, and they don’t have referees and they don’t have the option to stop when they are injured.”

After Michael Vick’s dog fighting story broke, Shell contacted Vick and challenged him to a fight. According to Shell, Vick’s rep said Vick wanted “no part of it.” Gordon Shell would like to remind Michael Vick that the offer is still open. Ellen DeGeneres, how’s that for an idea for your next show?

The Dog Fighter is expected to be released at Thanksgiving. The docudrama is directed by award-winning director Douglas Schulze and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Chuck Grady. The producers are Kurt Mayry, independent producer for 25 years and co-founder of The Motion Picture Institute. Also Kathryn McDermott, producer and former Vice President of Columbia Pictures.

Once the film is released, proceeds will go towards the Michigan Humane Society.

Please help support Gordon Shell’s effort by making a donation here.

See all the dogs and cats up for adoption at the Michigan Humane Society at their website and on Facebook.

The Dog Fighter is also on Facebook, click here to learn more.

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