Minnesota-bound eagle update

Minnesota-bound eagle update

After receiving treatment Harmon is returned back to his nest and America watches in anticipation to see if a reunion will be made between the eaglet and his parents.

It has been a harrowing week for viewers of the Minnesota Bound Eagle Webcam. As I mentioned in my previous article last week, one of the two eaglets in the nest had fallen from the eagle's nest and did not survive the fall. This week, viewers watched as the remaining eaglet became stuck in the nest and after flopping around quite a bit trying to free itself became injured due to the makeup of an eagle nest. After much discussion with the Minnesota Raptor Center and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Minnesota Bound received permission to approach the nest and have a professional look at the eaglet and determine if it needed further medical care. It did. Because of the nature of the sticks and twigs and because Eagles are game birds and eat fish the eaglet was dehydrated and had injuries from flopping around in the nest, some of which had already become infested with maggots. The eaglet was removed from the nest and taken to the Minnesota Raptor Center.

Minnesota-bound eagle update
A Feathered Family ReunionSusan Cologne and Minnesota Bound Eagle Live Webcam

So began the 48 hour deadline. It has been determined from other studies of Bald Eagles over the years and many other eaglet rescues, that if an eaglet is returned to the nest within 48 hours of removal that there is a greater chance the parents will remain with the nest and accept the eaglet. They are after all a wild animal and there is always the chance they could reject it. So Dr. Ponder with the Raptor Center did all she could do with the help of her wonderful and caring staff to get the eaglet now named "Harmon" back to a healthier status and back to his nest. As of Saturday the Raptor center wasn't sure they would be able to get Harmon home in time due to the extent of his injuries and dehydration, and they did post an update of his health status on the Minnesota Bound website.

However, on Sunday afternoon it was so exciting to see an update on their page that Harmon was on his way home to the nest. Everyone watched with anticipation on the webcam to see him return and the workers even left a "gift" of a fish for the parents to help entice them back to the nest. There were updates that the mom and dad eagle were seen about 1/4 mile away from the nest watching, but all night long we watched and listened as Harmon called out for his parents and they didn't come...until today. Yes indeed America, Harmon was reunited with his parents tonight. As stated on the website blog tonight,

"We were only minutes away from going back up to get Harmon. Jim, our tree climber saw the mother close by the nest. Harmon was screaming and it was clear that something was happening. Everyone stood silent and watched. Soon, the mother moved closer yet again. Then, out of nowhere dad flew down and landed in the nest. It was a reunion for the record books."

Harmon will indeed spend Mother's day with his own mom and dad. The best family reunion I've seen in a long time. Tragedy averted! Mission Complete! Harmon has made his way into the hearts of many americans and we will anxiously watch as he continues to grow and mature. Thank you to Minnesota Bound, the Raptor Center and everyone else involved in the rescue and reunion!! Until next time, keep updated at the cam...