Michigan 'puppy mill' raided: 150 Shiba Inu and Jack Russell dogs rescued

Michigan 'puppy mill' raided: 150 Shiba Inu and Jack Russell dogs rescued

Jack Russell terriers and Shiba Inus ranging from puppies to senior dogs were removed on Thursday from a large scale dog breeding operation.

The Missaukee County Sheriff's Department, the Roscommon County Animal Shelter, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seized 150 dogs of all ages from a Lake City unlicensed breeding facility at 8376 North Pioneer Road.

On Friday, 20 of the dogs will be transferred to the Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care where they will be receiving the medical attention needed. Some of the dogs will require extensive veterinarian treatment.

The Michigan Humane Society states the dogs were seized because the facility violated state dog laws.

The Jack Russell terriers and Shiba Inus lived in outdoor shelters with little protection from the weather. Many of the dogs had no clean water and lived in deplorable conditions.

Detroit CBS Local.com quoted a statement from Sheriff' Jim Bosscher:

“We felt strongly that something had to be done to protect these animals."

Donations and foster homes are needed to help provide care for these and other animals.

Puppy mills are large scale commercial breeding operations focused on making money for the owners of the farms. Rarely does the health or welfare of the dogs count.

According to JRT John's Jack Russell, Shiba Inu Kennel web site, Missaukee County prosecutor William Donnelly, Jr. is trying to shut his kennel down. A friend of Jones is asking previous satisfied clients to write to the prosecutor.

In protest of the seizure and alleged puppy mill, the site now states:

"Welcome to JRT John's Jack Russell and Shiba Inu Kennel located 9 miles North of Lake City Michigan on M-66 (8376 N. Pioneer rd.).We breed quality Jacks and Shiba Inus. I am a large breeder not a puppy mill as some would like have everyone think. Every pup go to a family not pet stores or animal broker as puppy mill pups would be."

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