Meig's County Sheriff's Department suffers sudden loss of K-9

Meig's County Sheriff's Department suffers sudden loss of K-9


A valued member of the Meig's County Sheriff's Office in Pomeroy, Ohio, died unexpectedly on Tuesday night.

The Sheriff's Office shared the devastating news on their website, stating:

I am very sad to report that our Deputy K-9 Zack passed away this evening around 11pm.

Zack, a sable German shepherd, was rushed to a veterinarian in Charleston, W.Va., for emergency surgery after his stomach turned, but he did not survive.

According to WOWKTV News, the young dog had just recently been added to the department's force, and he was in the process of being trained as a dual purpose officer to help fight drug crimes in the community.

The department will lay Zack to rest today.

Read more about the condition which took Zack's life at this link.

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